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Centuries old pita bread recipe freshly baked daily in our brick oven - Low sodium, no fat, no cholesterol, good source of fiber

  • Pita Bread: White, Whole Wheat Grain, Oatmeal or Rosemary Olive in large, medium & small sizes
  • Crunchy Pita: Plain, Garlic, Mozzarella/Basil/Tomato, Feta & Oregano, Feta & Basil, Cinnamon & Raw Sugar
  • Zaatar: Oregano & Sesame Seed
  • Feta Pita Pizza


Our Deli & Grocery offers you a wide variety of the finest Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and American Cuisine.    We provide the best personal service for your daily shopping or your catered events.

  • Soups: Gazpatcho & Lentil Tomato
  • Salads: Greek, Chicken, Nicoise, Cauliflower, Lentil, Green Bean, High Fiber Bean
  • Hors d’Oeuvres: Cabbage Rolls, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Spinacopita, Moroccan Cigars, Tyropita,
  • Dips: Tabouli, Fattoush, Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Cucumber Yogurt
  • Hot Sandwiches: Falafel, Shish Tawook, Spicy Chicken Kabab, Shawarma, Kibbie, Kafta
  • Cold Sandwiches: Hummus, Tuna, Italian Combo, Roast Beef, Turkey
  • Platters: Kibbie, Falafel, Shish Tawook, Spicy Chicken, Shawarma, Kafta, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Vegetarian Combo
  • Pot Pies: Lamb, Beef, Spinach, Spinach & Feta, Chicken & Veggie
  • Desserts: Baklava, Birdsnest, Lady Fingers, Honey Cake, Halava (seven layer marble covered with chocolate and fillled wih pistachio)
  • Cheeses: Imported Greek, French or Bulgarian Feta, Kasseri, Kefalograviera, Bulgarian & Hungarian Kashkaval, Assorted Twisted Cheese & more
  • Olives: From Lebanon, Greece, Chile, Italy, California, Morocco, Jordan, France
  • Olive Oils: From Greece Turkey, Lebanon, Spain
  • Dry & Glazed Fruits and Nuts: From Turkey, Greece, Australia, California

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